Zenjiro Hashimoto|橋本 善次郎
Zenjiro Hashimoto is LANDSCAPE ARTISAN.was born in 1974.
I regard “the activity of human beings as important” when I do my job.
I do a wide range of work such as:
Design, development, and management of gardens
Design, space construction and installation art of events
Designs of architecture, shop and signboard
Adviser of city planning and community design
Giving a lecture and workshop regarding “bring word” as important.
LANDSCAPE NIWATAN DESIGN+ARTISAN OFFICE 代表。作庭家。1974年生まれ。「ヒト」の営みをデザインで守ることに重視して活動。庭の設計・施工・管理 にとどまらず、イベントなどのデザイン・空間設営・インスタレーション/建築・店舗・看板などのデザイン/都市計画・街づくりに関するコンサルティング/「伝える」ことに重視した講演・ワークショップなど、幅広く仕事をこなす。


“庭譚-niwatan” means ” A story of the garden”.
“庭-niwa” means ” a garden”.
“譚-tan” means ” a story”.
I do my job as a gardener it is like making a story.
When I was 2 years old, I fell down from the second floor’s window of my house. I was saved by one tree in the garden.
One day when I was 15, a topic about cutting the tree was coming up. I wanted the tree in our garden, because the tree saved my life. But the gardener said ” It’s better to cut off this old tree and buy new one. It’s worthless to keep it! ”
At the end, the tree stays in our garden. But I still remember that what he said about the tree made me so upset.
5 years later, I started working as a gardener.
I wonder that it was the destiny to name ” 庭譚-niwatan – A story of the garden -“, because I know that each family has their own memory or a story of their garden.

-庭譚- 庭づくりとは、ものがたり(譚)をつくること


2001 start a [ LANDSCAPE NIWATAN ]
2001 [作庭衆 庭譚]設立


2010 International competition in Austria[best private plots 10] 1st prize
Fukuyama Honor Award 2010
2012 International competition in Austria[best private plots 12] BEST30 nomination
2010 [private plots 2010 1st prize]受賞 in AUSTRIA
福山市民表彰 2010
2012 [private plots 2012] BEST30 nominate


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